is a free service for testing browser TLS version and cipher support. It also has a free REST API. You can find results for your browser summarized below.
Scan Code
If you've been sent here by a help desk or support team member, you can generate a scan code to share with them. This code allows them to view your results.
TLS Version
Your browser is using TLS.
Single-Use Keys
Your browser does support 'ephemeral', or single-use, keys.

Without ephemeral keys, criminals or governments can scoop up large amounts of encrypted traffic and store it until their attacks (or their computers) improve, or they are able to obtain the server's secret key. Ephemeral keys are encryption keys that last only for the duration of your connection to the server, making attempts to break them infeasible.
TLS Session Resumption
Your browser does support TLS session resumption.

TLS session resumption allows the browser to quickly resume an encrypted connection, which provides better performance.

Browsers typically send supported ciphers in a preferred order from strongest to weakest. Servers will start at the top of the list and proceed down until a cipher is found that both the client and server support. While honoring the browser's order preference is recommended, servers are not required to do so, and the server ultimately decides which cipher is used.

Interested in using this service for your own users? offers a free REST API that your clients can use from your app or website. Run reports for your users automatically and gain insights before making potentially breaking changes to your TLS configurations. You can even offer this service from your own vanity domain or subdomain.